"About Kawachinagano"
Kawachinagano is located on the southeastern edge of Osaka Prefecture, with Mt.Kongo and Nara Prefecture to the east, and Wakayama Prefecture and the Izumi Mountain Range to the south. This forms a tri-angular region with its tip to the north.
Having the third-largest land area within Osaka Prefecture, as much as 70% is forested, with plains opening up along the Ishikawa and Ishimigawa rivers, and extending toward the north as the Kawachi Plain. The vast majority of this region is sandstone, with the fertile soil and damp, warm inland climate combining to make it the cultivation of rice, vegetables, and fruits.
Since Kawachinagano is just 65 minutes by bus from Kansai International Airport and 30 minutes from central Osaka City, visitors can easily make their make their way to the most famous sightseeing destinations that Osaka has to offer. It is also only a 90 minute train ride from Mt. Koya, a World Heritage Site. With convenient access to Kyoto and Nara, Kawachinagano is a popular base for tourists to explore the surrounding regions.

"About Okukawachi"
Okukawachi is a lush, green, mountainous area in southeastern Osaka Prefecture whose major city is Kawachinagano. Mountains, rivers, sky. Okukawachi, with its clean air and lush greenery, has many attractions visitors can enjoy on a day-trip, including plenty of nature destinations where visitors can go for day hikes and camping, as well as various sights and ruins full of history and romance. There are fine people living an idyllic lifestyle in the midst of this natural abundance. even so close to an urban center.

Come visit the ever-alluring "Kawachinagano" -The elegant and tasteful "Okukawachi" closing from Osaka city-.