May 5th is the day of a traditional Japanese festival for boys celebrating to grow safely and vigorously. In each family, wishing to be strong and sturdy, we decorate May dolls such as an arm ornament.

Also, in the garden, following from the momentum of the carp that climbs the waterfall as a symbol of social success, carp streamers are set up. Customs differ from place to place in Japan, we invite close friends, as a ceremonial meal with Chimaki and Kashiwa cake, etc. Rice boiled with red beans are served. Girls have a March 3 festival.

In the small valley called Kasayato river-side park in Inagi City, every year from the end of April to May 5, many carp streamers are tied to the ropes connecting the sides of the valley, and the wind streams them as if the carp swam.

Nearby the public house are displayed with various May dolls and samurai warrior helmet (Kabuto), where you can visit freely.