Such as, crispy fried pork, shabu-shabu (a type of Japanese hot pot)... Wow, there are too many that make me feel hungry again! LOL

If you would like to taste professional Berkshire pig cuisine, please come to ‘Kagoshima Kurobuta Robakutei’!!

It is located at 1st floor of Hotel Union, 3 minutes walk from Kagoshima Chuo Station.

Berkshire pigs of Kagoshima Kurobuta Robakutei are directly delivery from Sato Farm in Kirishima City, in Kagoshima Prefecture. So, you can taste fresh and delicious Berkshire pig cuisine.

‘Robaku’is the brand of Kagoshima Kurobuta (Berkshire pig). Its specialty is soft, low fat, crisp, and without smell. These specialties are the secret of remaining popular.

In the year 2010 of March, the store was renew. There are counter seats, table seats, tatami seats, and horigotatsu seats. Lunch is pretty cheap, you can get a meal for $800!!

There are 3 main meals that you can choose during all-you-can-eat lunch time: Kurobuta loin pork culet/Kurobuta pork back ribs Yogan-Yaki (roasted on a hot stone)/Kurobuta rice bowl

The famous meals is Yogan-Yaki!

Yogan-Yaki is a dish that you roasted Kurobuta on a very hot stone plate.

On weekends and national holiday, there is no all you can eat lunch. Please choose the regular meals from the menu.

All you can eat lunch time has 7-8 side dishes that you can choose. Soft drink and desert is also include!

Weekly special is curry rice and chicken fired rice that you can enjoy the different taste.

There is Mabu-tofu and chicken fired rice! Fried chicken is also delicious.

Finally, Yogan-Yaki!

It is hard to tell the whole situation when Yogan-Yaki is served on the table. But the gravy is jumping and the meat is dancing on the hot stone plate!! The incredible taste of the thick meat and the special rich taste of Kurobuta is spread to the taste buds!!

And the pork culet is crunchy and crispy. When you bite it, the sweet of the meat is like the flood that is full of your mouth.

It is really very delicious!!!

Furthermore, there is one more thing that you can enjoy!

In the night time, there are a lot of Kagoshima famous cuisines served, such as fried fishcake and cage-free chicken sashimi.

If you like to drink, there are also a lot of Japanese sake. As I know, there are around 300 kinds of sake that you can choose from Kagoshima Prefecture area. This is really a good reason that drink lover has to go!

If you would like to taste delicious Kagoshima Kurobuta cuisine, Robaku, and you would like to drink many kinds of sake, please do not miss this one, Kagoshima Kurobuta Robakutei.

This is what I am talking about, food culture in Kagoshima, Japan.

Address: 1F Hotel Union, 2-12-34 Nishida, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture 890-0046, Japan

Access: Around 3 minutes walk from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station West exit

Opening Time: 365 days open

             11:30 am 14:00 pm L.O. 14:00

             17:30 pm 22:30 L.O. 22:00