If you drive alone the route no. 68, you can see one of the Eight View of Kanoya, Arahiratenjin.

The shrine was built on a protruding island, Tenjin Island.

When the weather is fine, you can see the magnificent Sakurajima volcano from Arahiratenjin. Further more, you can also see the view from the southern of Osumi Peninsula to Kagoshima City. This is where people say the great scenery of the Eight View of Kanoya.

Passing the torii that is on the beach, you will see Arahiratenjin when you move toward the rocky mountain.

Arahiratenjin enshrines SUGAWARA no Michizane, a god of  learning.

There are many stories of no Michizane and the places of  his birth were told. It was known of his talents in poet and calligraphy during Heian period, and the advise for abolition of sending an envoy to Tang Dynasty China. He was an important loyal subject and given an important position by Emperor Uda.

Many people also come here to make a wish to Arahiratenjin to pass the exam or job hunting.

You can see the sea shells with the mysterious light. It looks stunning with waves.

It is said that the petal-liked sea shells also loved by SUGAWARA no Michizane.

People say that Arahiratenjin was built in the era Temmon of Sengoku period (1532 1554). It had a fire in 1923 (Taisho 12 nen), however, it was a miracle that the deity object was not destroyed at all.

Let’s move to Arahiratenjin!

It is a little bit dark here....

On the top of the stair, there is a robe hanging there. Actually, the stair was crushed on the last part, you need to claim it with the robe.

I was very surprised! Please be careful.....

Finally, we arrived there safely. There are foreign visitors worshiping.

Just as I thought, this is a famous spot.

As you can see the pictures, it is a very nice and clean.

There are many people wrote their wish of passing the exam in Kakizome.

Just like people say, this is a sacred place. I felt the divine power came from my body when I entered it. This sacred place is not only wish for passing the exam, it is also wish for reaching your goals of your career. It is a spot that I recommend.

I also came here to determine my goal.

More over, the bathing beach opens in the summer time. There are also many tourists visiting here every year.

I would like to come next summer!

This is the original the Eight View of  Kanoya, Arahiratenjin, from Japan.

Address: Tenjincyo, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-2313, Japan

Access: About 20 minutes by car from Tarumitsu Port. 25 minutes by bus from Kanoya Bus Center.

Parking Lot: 10 spaces