This time, I wanna introduce Okonomiyaki Naniwanoaji. The place is just right in front of Takeoka Tunnel.

This is Mr. and Mrs. Hara. They lived in Osaka more than 30 years. 24 year ago, they started to move to Kagoshima, Mrs. Hara’s hometown, and brought Osaka style’s Okonomiyaki here.

Personally, I love the real Okonomiyaki, thanks Mr. and Mrs. Hara!

All the ingredients are from Osaka, if it is running out of ingredients, the restaurant will close.

There are many celebrities’ signatures on the wall!

Ishida detective, the character from the famous variety show in Kansai area, Detective Night Scoop, also came to interview the restaurant.

Menu has varieties food that you can choose not okonomiyaki only, such as fried noodles cover with omelette (omusoba), stir-fried noodles (yakisoba).

I made my mind this time, I ordered  Okonomiyaki with pork and eggs topping, and yakisoba.

So, here it is.....

This is really Osaka’s okonomiyaki! Soft and very delicious! The special made pickled mustard is also delicious! I have no choice but to eat more and more (LOL)

Then, this is yakisoba.......

Wow! This is totally different from the regular yakisoba that is served on the plate!

The special sauce makes it all different.

After the meal, there is free ice cream for desert. Thank you for delicious meal!

There is also seasonal ingredients menu served time by time that you can enjoy the different variety food.

It takes a little time to the parking lot. It is at Sunny Healthy Center near the restaurant. You will get 100 discount.

In fact, you can also order by phone and take it out.

Please come to visit this restaurant and meet the wonderful couple, Mr. And Mrs. Hara!

If you like okonomiyaki, you have to come here!

This is Naniwa no Okonomiyaki that comes from Japan!

It is so wonderful that I can have it in Kagoshima!