Hina-Matsuri, celebrated on March 3rd every year, is a day to pray for healthy growth of girls and their continued happiness. Families with female children display ornamental dolls (Hina-Ningyo) in their houses during this period of the year.

Some ornamental dolls have been passed on from generation to generation. At Nanshoso in Morioka City, a large number of ornamental dolls from the Edo era to this day are displayed. Olden day beauty can be seen on the faces of the Edo era dolls compared to the modern ones. Which of the old dolls and the modern ones do you prefer?

Isn’t it significant that the dolls which were displayed hundreds of years ago have been treated well and passed on over the years and are still displayed to this day?

Ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese art from the 17th through 19th centuries, that captures the scenes of Hina-Matsuri in the Edo era are also displayed.

Nanshoso is open from early February through March 3rd every year for Hina-Matsuri. Please come and see the beautifully displayed ornamental dolls.