Bringing Japanese Art to the World in VR
A VR showroom showcasing Japanese fine art and traditional craftsmanship

Ash Corporation, based in Osaka, Japan, has launched a VR commerce platform called "LITUP JAPAN," which showcases art pieces and traditional crafts created by Japanese artists. (Official website: here)

On this website, you can experience 45 selected works, including traditional crafts that utilize unique Japanese techniques and contemporary art pieces, in virtual reality (VR). Please note that one of these items is already sold out.

These artworks are created using computer graphics (CG) and can be viewed from any angle in a 360-degree VR environment. When purchasing these pieces, buyers receive NFT certificates as proof of their uniqueness, and digital artworks can also be bought as NFTs.


Participating Artists and Artwork Introduction
The Diverse Talents and Charms of the Artworks

"LITUP JAPAN" features a diverse group of Japanese artists. Some examples include the world-renowned Kyoto Yuzen artist, Mr. Taihiro Senji, the lacquerware artist known for creating beautiful lacquer pieces, Mr. Tatsuya Matsumoto, and the contemporary artist specializing in Kamakura carving with an 800-year history, Mr. Kamayu Mihashi. Mr. Shinsuke Nagano crafts kettles and metalwork using traditional Japanese iron manufacturing techniques, while Mr. Hiroshi Murata creates floating boat-shaped chests. GINKO produces vibrant three-dimensional ceramic artworks. Additionally, there are artists like Ms. Shori Nishimura, who practices oil painting in both New York and Japan, Mr. Yukiyuki Sakamoto, known for his unique art using sugar, and Mr. Taijun Nagayama, who expresses the beauty of Japan through "sho" (calligraphy) art. Each artist brings their own unique style to create beautiful works of art.


Artist Support and Future Outlook: The Vision of 'LITUP JAPAN'

LITUP JAPAN" operates with the philosophy of "Artist First," valuing artists highly. The company covers the challenging procedures and transaction costs for artists, enabling them to sell their works worldwide.

During the "World Art Dubai" event held in Dubai in March 2023, it became evident that Japanese artists' works are popular worldwide, and there is a high level of trust in Japanese products.

To advance this project, Ash Co., Ltd. has enlisted the expertise of specialists in value economy engineering as advisors, with the aim of delivering valuable Japanese works to the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is 'LITUP JAPAN'?

This is a VR commerce platform that showcases artworks and traditional crafts created by Japanese artists.

How can I appreciate artworks and traditional crafts through VR commerce?

Access the official website and register as a free member to enjoy viewing through your browser.

How can I purchase the artwork, and what are the payment methods available?

You can make purchases with credit cards and virtual currencies.

Do you need special equipment when experiencing VR commerce?

You don't need it. You can enjoy it while exploring the VR space from your PC browser.

Does shipping cost apply when purchasing a product for delivery?

Yes, shipping fees will be charged separately depending on your country of residence or address.